Monthly Archives: September 2011

ICMP urges Libyan authorities to design mechanisms to address the issue of missing persons in accordance with international human rights and rule of law norms

In light of recent developments in Libya, the International Commission on Missing Persons calls on Libyan authorities to design mechanisms to address the issue of missing persons in accordance with international norms. Accordingly, ICMP notes that the state has the obligation to document cases of enforced disappearance, recover and identify mortal remains, and return them to families for a dignified burial.

Considering States’ obligations stemming from principles embraced by instruments such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Convention for the Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearance, the Charter of the United Nations, International Covenants and other instruments safeguarding the dignity and human rights of all persons, ICMP urges the immediate creation of institutions to address the missing persons issue in Libya.

Numerous persons have been reported as missing since the start of the uprising in February 2011. In addition, there are reports of missing persons from…

ICMP Works with Iraqi NGOs and Government Representatives to Ensure the Right to Know the Fate of the Missing

The International Commission Missing Persons held a seminar and workshop on enforced disappearances entitled, “The Right to Know” on 26 and 27 of September 2011. The ICMP held the event in Baghdad and in cooperation with the Iraqi Ministry of Human Rights.

The event brought together representatives of several NGOs from central and southern Iraq and officials from the Council of Ministers, the Human Rights Ministry, the Martyrs Foundation and members of parliament and sought to raise awareness of missing persons issues, promote cooperation and coordination among members of the NGO community and to foster dialogue between the government and civil society. The ICMP invited Dr. Gabriella Citroni from the University of Milan to present on international legislation related to missing persons and the…

German Embassy chargée d’affaires in Bosnia and Herzegovina visits ICMP facilities in Tuzla

Ms. Christiana Markert, German Embassy chargée d’affaires, and Mr. Christian Reismuller, First Secretary and Consul of the German Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina, visited the facilities of the International Commission on Missing Persons (ICMP) and the Podrinje Identification Project (PIP) in Tuzla today.

Accompanied by Mr. Adam Boys, ICMP’s Chief Operating Officer, Ms. Markert and Mr. Reismuller visited ICMP’s Identification Coordination Division (ICD) where family reference samples collected by ICMP from relatives of the missing and bone samples of victims received from government authorities are processed. After being bar-coded the samples are sent to ICMP laboratories in Sarajevo and Banja Luka for DNA analysis. Once extracted, the DNA profiles from blood and bone are entered…