Monthly Archives: October 2011

German government continues funding ICMP’s identification activities

Germany has announced that it will provide a grant of 200,000 Euros for the work of the International Commission on Missing Persons (ICMP) in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BIH) in 2011. On behalf of the German Government, the Ambassador to BIH Ulrike Knotz today signed a grant agreement with ICMP Director General Kathryne Bomberger at ICMP’s HQ in Sarajevo.

The grant will support ICMP’s Forensic Sciences Program and is a continuation of the German Government’s support to ICMP’s DNA-led identification efforts. Germany has supported ICMP’s operations in the Western Balkans, Iraq and Colombia since year 2001 with direct contributions totaling 3.9 Million EUR as well as contributions to ICMP via grants from the European Union.

“We are pleased to continue…

Montenegrin Scientists Trained by ICMP

A group of four Montenegrin scientists from the Forensic Center Police Directorate of Montenegro today completed a six day training course organized and implemented by the International Commission on Missing Persons (ICMP) in Sarajevo and Tuzla. The training was a part of a larger project called ‘Strengthening the Capacities of the Montenegrin Police Administration’, funded by the European Union’s IPA Twinning Project, and was aimed at improving Montenegrin forensic capabilities.

ICMP experts provided the group of Montenegrin scientists with theoretical and practical training in bone sampling, processing, extraction, kinship statistics and reporting. The scientists were also provided with introductory training in using the DNA•VIEW computer software and will be provided an on-site training in Montenegro.

“In addition to ICMP’s scientific work which we immensely respect, it is admirable how ICMP managed to completely overcome all the divisions in Bosnia and Herzegovina and jointly, with people from Bosnia and Herzegovina, humanely assist…