Monthly Archives: March 2012

ICMP Meets with Representatives of Families of the Missing Representing the RS

The ICMP Director-General today received representative of NGOs from Republika Srpska representing the families of missing persons, Mr. Nedeljko Mitrovic head of the Republika Srpska Organization of Imprisoned and Killed Soldiers and Missing Civilians, and the members of this Organization Mr. Boro Peulić and Mr. Veljko Lazic, as well as BiH MPI Board of Directors member Mr. Milutin Misic, where they discussed a variety of issues relevant to the missing persons process.

The issues discussed included the launching of the activities of the Working Group for Resolving the Issue of Unidentified Mortal Remains in mortuaries, Halls and Memorial Ossuaries process throughout BiH, expediting the process of locating and recovering missing persons, amending the Book of Rules governing the verification of the Central Records, amending the Law on Missing Persons of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the management structure of MPI, the storage…

ICMP Deploys Team to Libya

Following an invitation from the Libyan Government, the International Commission on Missing Persons (ICMP) has deployed a team of experts to discuss assisting Libya in addressing the issue of persons missing from the recent conflict, as well as the four decades of Muammar Gaddafi’s rule. ICMP will also provide immediate assistance in resolving specific cases.

According to Libyan authorities tens of thousands people are reported missing in Libya from the recent conflict, as well as from wars in the 1970’s and 1980’s with Egypt, Uganda and Chad and the 1, 272 persons reported missing from the 1996 massacre at the Abu Salim prison in Tripoli.

In effort to help Libya develop a comprehensive process to address this issue, the International Commission on Missing Persons has…

British, Czech and Turkish parliamentarians visit ICMP

A group of politicians from the British Parliament, the European Parliament and the Grand National Assembly of Turkey visited the headquarters and the DNA laboratory of the International Commission on Missing Persons (ICMP) in Sarajevo today. The goal of the visit was for the parliamentarians to learn about the wide range of ICMP’s activities towards resolving the issue of missing persons in the Western Balkans and in other parts of the world.

The visitors attended a presentation of ICMP’s work, including descriptions of ICMP’s institutional capacity building and forensic science activities. The visitors were informed about the ways in which ICMP provides assistance to courts in war crime cases and how ICMP’s information campaigns increase public awareness about the…