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Remembering the Missing

Around the world there are millions of reported cases of missing persons from armed conflict and human rights abuses. In addition, thousands of persons go missing every year as a result of disasters, human trafficking, organized crime and other causes.

When persons go missing as a result of state actions, these persons can be regarded as missing as a consequence of the crime of enforced disappearance. In such cases, uncertainty about the fate of missing persons can obstruct peace processes, the full implementation of the rule of law and can weaken confidence in democratic and political institutions. Effective measures to address these types of disappearances may also help prevent future atrocities.

The 30th of August is increasingly recognized throughout the world as the…

Missing persons: progress made but more for BiH authorities to do

On the International Day of the Disappeared, the Delegation of the European Union to Bosnia and Herzegovina/EU Special Representative and the International Commission on Missing Persons (ICMP) highlighted progress made and areas for improvement in efforts to account for the approximately 30,000 persons missing from the conflict in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Following a painstaking process of locating mass graves and recovering and identifying mortal remains using modern scientific methods, over 70 %, or 22,000 of the missing persons from the BiH conflict have been accounted for.

“Globally, this is an unprecedented achievement. Nowhere in the world after conflict have so many missing persons been located and identified. This is a joint success of the families of missing, the local authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the…

Film screenings and panel discussions to mark the International Day of the Disappeared in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The International Commission on Missing Persons (ICMP), the Citizen Association “Pravo Ljudski” and the Sarajevo War Theater SARTR are organizing a series of events to mark August 30th, the International Day of the Disappeared, in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The events are intended to raise public awareness in Bosnia and Herzegovina about the issue of missing persons from armed conflict and human rights abuses, not only from the conflicts in the former Yugoslavia, but from other contexts around the world.

On this occasion, a Mexican film, “Tracing Aleida” will be screened in Prijedor (29 August, Kino Kozara – summer stage at 20:30), Banja Luka (30 August, Medical faculty at 18:00) and Sarajevo (30 August, SARTR at 18:00). Following the film screening…

ICMP Launches Online DNA Database to Assist DNA Laboratories and Manufacturing Companies

The International Commission on Missing Persons (ICMP) is pleased to announce that it has created an Online DNA Elimination Database (EDB). DNA consumable manufacturers and DNA laboratories will now be able to use the EDB to eliminate unknown external contaminants and protect persons working in the forensic analysis supply chain.

Over the last two decades DNA profiling has become an important tool in criminal investigations. DNA analysis is the only forensic method capable of linking evidence to specific individuals consistently and with a high degree of certainty. However, the widespread use of DNA analysis has also led to genetic material being recovered from investigators, DNA analysts and other forensic practitioners and persons working in the DNA consumables supply chain.

The purpose of the ICMP EDB…