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ICMP is run by a Director-General, who is appointed by the Commission.

ICMP employs approximately 140 people in its programs and projects around the world. Directors have extensive international and professional experience and a record of commitment in the field of human rights and the search for the missing.

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0393Andreas Kleiser

Andreas Kleiser, Director for Policy and Cooperation

Before joining the ICMP in September 2003 as Senior Advisor and subsequently Deputy Chief of Staff, Andreas Kleiser served as an executive officer in the Secretariat General of the Council of Europe. He previously worked as a consultant with international and other organizations, including the OSCE, the World Bank, the EU, UNESCO, OHR, the Soros […]

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Simon Short

Simon Short, Director of Corporate Services

Simon Short has been working in international organizations for almost 25 years. He served with the Multinational Force and Observers (MFO) in Sinai, Egypt from 1992-2001 and with the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) from 2003-2013 in various senior resource planning, administrative, and risk management roles. He later served with the European […]

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Thomas Parsons

Thomas Parsons, Director of Forensic Sciences

Thomas Parsons joined ICMP as Director of Forensic Sciences in 2006, having served on the Scientific Advisory Board of ICMP since 2000, and in 2005 as the Chairman of the ICMP Steering Committee on Forensic Sciences.  Dr. Parsons leads a large team of ICMP forensic scientists and support personnel spanning the disciplines of forensic anthropology, […]

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Adi Rizvic

Adnan Rizvic, Director of Data Systems

Adnan Rizvic is director of ICMP’s Data Systems Department, which is responsible for developing and implementing data collection strategies, establishing global data sharing and analysis mechanisms, monitoring and ensuring quality control of internal and external data entry points, and ensuring effective data flow and global data security. Data Systems maintains ICMP’s Online Inquiry Center (OIC), […]

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Ian Hanson

Ian Hanson, Deputy Director, Forensic Sciences, Anthropology and Archaeology

Since 1996, Ian Hanson has supervised and directed excavations and field teams across the Middle East and the Balkans. Since 1997 he has undertaken human rights and forensic investigations for the UNICTY, UNDPKO, FCO and other agencies in the Balkans, Iraq, Cyprus and Africa. Since 2004 he has designed, directed and managed capacity building and […]

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