Thomas Parsons, Director of Forensic Sciences

Thomas Parsons

Thomas Parsons joined the ICMP as Director of Forensic Sciences in 2006. He has served on the Scientific Advisory Board of the ICMP since 2000, and in 2005 was appointed Chairman of the ICMP Steering Committee on Forensic Sciences.

Before joining the ICMP, Dr. Parsons was Chief Scientist at the U.S. Armed Forces DNA Identification Laboratory (AFDIL), where he had worked since 1994, and where one of his primary roles was to direct the AFDIL Research Section. He is also an adjunct faculty member in the Department of Genetics and the Department of Forensic Sciences at George Washington University.

His undergraduate degree was in Physics from the University of Chicago, and he received a PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Washington in 1989. As a postdoctoral fellow at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C., and during research faculty appointment at the University of Nebraska, Dr. Parsons focused on molecular evolution and population genetics.

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