Public Involvement: Civil Society Initiatives

Family members of the missing, and the associations they have formed play an important role in truth-seeking, in asserting and exercising their members’ right to justice and in supporting their members who often live in precarious socio-economic conditions and who are among those most affected by trauma and uncertainty.

ICMP encourages the engagement of family members of the missing and other members of civil society, in the representation of their interests and in advocacy activities in four main areas: empowerment, networking, awareness building, and promoting mutual understanding. These efforts are implemented through workshops, conferences and other forums for dialogue designed to help these groups understand their rights and to develop strategies to address common problems through advocacy, education, and public outreach.

ICMP participates in efforts to raise awareness about the problem of missing persons, highlighting the importance of this issue in peace-building processes, as well as its direct impact on survivors and family members and its general implications for society as a whole.