DNA Laboratory, Sarajevo

DNA Lab Sarajevo

ICMP maintains two DNA laboratory facilities, one in Sarajevo and one in Banja Luka, that are integrally linked in the processing of all mortal remains samples. The laboratory in Sarajevo conducts DNA extraction and genetic profiling from both mortal remains samples and blood reference or buccal swab samples. The prepared bone and tooth samples received from the Banja Luka laboratory are processed for DNA extraction and forensic DNA profiling at a rate of 105 samples per day. The standard products of the Sarajevo laboratory are nuclear STR DNA profiles that are then uploaded to the ICD facility for matching; ICMP also conducts Y-chromosome and mtDNA analysis as needed in particular cases. The Sarajevo laboratory plays a primary role in the final technical review of all ICMP DNA match reports. In addition, the Sarajevo laboratory maintains an active program of technical development and new methods of validation.