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The ICMP has two key sets of program activities:

  1. To ensure the cooperation of governments and others in addressing the issue of missing persons, including provisions to build institutional capacity, encourage public involvement and address the needs of justice.
  2. To provide technical assistance to governments in locating, recovering and identifying missing persons.

The ICMP’s key program activities are implemented via the application of specific thematic competencies including:

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Launch of the Missing Persons Institute

Institutional Development

ICMP’s efforts in capacity building and the provision of assistance are aimed at creating law-based, sustainable structures that are transparent and accountable to stakeholders.

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Public Involvement

ICMP encourages the active participation of civil society and in particular the families of the missing through education, training and grant-making programs aimed at empowering family members and others.

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Technical Assistance

ICMP’s technical assistance program is a global resource available to governments, and others engaged in addressing the issue of persons missing as a result of armed conflict, natural disasters, human rights violations, organized violence and other causes.

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Assistance to Justice

ICMP helps domestic and international authorities implement missing persons processes that inculcate pluralistic and democratic standards.

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Training Programs

ICMP’s key program activities are implemented via training in the application of specific thematic competencies, including, institutional development, public Involvement and civil society development, and technical assistance.

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