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Identification Database Management System: iDMS

The iDMS is a specialized software solution built by ICMP for managing large scale missing persons programs. The iDMS has a set of powerful integrated applications that supports the process of storing, viewing and analyzing very large amounts of data on missing persons, investigations, and identifications.  Included in the iDMS database are over 150,000 missing persons, as well as the profiles of living relatives. The iDMS enables the management of large amounts of data relevant to missing persons, including:

  • A registry of missing persons and associated information;
  • Information and DNA samples from families of the missing;
  • Data on forensic archaeology operations and recovery of human remains and evidence;
  • Anthropological examination and case inventory;
  • DNA laboratory processes;
  • DNA Profile Databases; and
  • DNA Matching.

ICMP uses iDMS for its own work, where it assists with missing persons cases around the world. Furthermore, ICMP shares this state-of-the-art database technology with government authorities and others to assist them in addressing missing persons cases.  In so doing, ICMP customizes the database to meet the specific needs of a given country or event and provides instruction and training to designated experts in its use The iDMS system, and its associated Online Inquiry Center  have been designed with data security as the highest priority.  There is a high degree of control over access to sensitive information, such as DNA and family data.  Each user has access only to authorized portions of the database, and sensitive data is stored and analyzed in an anonymous, coded form at many stages of the process.

Online Inquiry Center

ICMP has developed an online platform for the iDMS, called the Online Inquiry Center, which plays an important role in providing information on missing persons investigations both to the public and to partner organizations. The Online Inquiry Center is an interactive missing persons search tool. It is an open-access function that allows families and other interested parties to obtain and provide information as well as to track missing persons cases through three different search engines: the Missing Persons Inquiry, the Post-mortem Sample Inquiry and the Excavation Site Inquiry.

Missing Persons Inquiry

Missing Persons Inquiry allows families to:

  • Register missing persons and donor contact information online;
  • Find information on the status of the case; and
  • Monitor the progress of their missing family member’s case.

This feature is particularly valuable in allowing families of the missing who do not reside in a country where ICMP has a program to participate in the collection of reference samples. To Access Missing Persons Inquiry, click here.

Post-mortem Sample Inquiry:

  • Allows government authorities and forensic professionals who have submitted post-mortem samples to the ICMP for DNA testing to track their cases.

To access Post-mortem Inquiry, click here.

Excavation Site Inquiry: 

  • Allows users to search for general information regarding the status of DNA testing for specific excavation or recovery sites.

To access Excavation Site Inquiry, click here.

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